Who uses ConstructionPhotoDocs.com?

Developers and Project Managers
For the discriminating developer who wants to assure that his property is being properly constructed. Having a photo record of the original construction start to finish is a great asset to have when selling the property.

General Contractors
For the GC who is head and shoulders above the competition. Show off your work to developers to win new contracts.

Federal, State and City Governments
Track projects remotely while protecting taxpayer's money and providing transparency.

"If I only had that one picture, I would have won the case". Never have to say this again! If you are a real estate and/or construction attorney encourage your clients to make your job easier.

Lending Institutions
Wouldn't you like to have a 3rd party document your project that you have millions into? This month's draw calls for you to pay for 80% of the windows, but only 50% are installed. Log in and see this fact. Now you have power!

Insurance Carriers
How do you know what materials were on site when? Now you can justify or refute claims with more certainty. We are your insurance policy! From copper to appliances to accidents, we've been told that having regular site photos would have helped substantiated claims. More importantly, helped the process move faster.

Owners, Investors and Asset Managers
Your project is built but it is in a different city than you. How would you like to have fully indexed quarterly photos taken so that you can see the properties condition?

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