Pays nearly $250,000 to repair pre-existing damage...

Following the completion of an 200+ unit project in an East Bay city in Northern California, the Public Works Department claimed that the construction traffic caused damage to streets for 4 blocks in every direction from the site. Despite the fact that construction used only one street for ingress and another for egress, and that the entire street system throughout the city was in decay, C of O for the TCAC project was held pending payment of nearly $250,000.

Our system using GPS Cameras and date-stamped photos, would have allowed the developer to prove the condition of the surrounding areas prior to mobilization.

Pays out $45,000 to correct pre-construction conditions...

A developer in Los Angeles paid a nuisance claim to an adjacent property owner in the amount of $45,000 to repair flat work, stucco, irrigation lines and landscaping relative to a tie back indemnity agreement.

Had our detailed, indexed and date-stamped photos been acquired of the pre-construction condition of the adjacent properties conditions, most or all of the claim could have been refuted.

Pays out $175,000 to learn what went wrong...

A local developer built a project in Florida where drains were set on an expensive terrazzo pool deck. The drains did not work and water leaked on expensive cars in the parking garage below. After $175,000 in consultants, leak experts, and destructive testing, it was discovered that the 16 drains did not have a secondary inlet to let water flow into.

Had our system been employed, this would have been discovered immediately, saving 100% of the discovery costs and up to 80% of the destructive testing and repair costs. It would have also mitigated additional funds paid to the homeowners association for auto repair, goodwill and other damages (amounts unknown) as well as the irreversible damage to the developers reputation.

How you'll benefit...

Better Control
• Limits construction disputes
• A perminent x-ray of your property
• Points to faults done by trades
• Trades excell when work is documented
• Total Transparency

• Quicker RFI turnarounds
• Streamlines fund control process
• Remotely manage projects
• Ensure accountability

Security and Peace of Mind
• 24/7 secure web access
• Protection against litigation claims

Project Organization
• Store all Your RFIs
• Document all change orders and notices
• Track bulletins
• Ensure timeless execution of change orders

ROI (Return on Investement)
• Saves in legal fees
• Reduces destructive testing
• Helps with ongoing building maintenance
• Enhances management communication
• Less trips to the site by design professionals
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