Q: I already take pictures why do I need you guys?
A: ConstructionPhotoDocs.com is not just about taking pictures; it is providing you with an insurance policy. We reduce your exposure to defect claims while at the same time providing you with a powerful management tool that helps you save time, money, and increase the quality of your project. Using our software you will be able to find your desired photo in seconds! Our product provides you with an x-ray of your property.

Q: How does this save us money?
A: ConstructionPhotoDocs.Com saves money by dramatically reducing exposure to defect litigation claims and by shaving days of the construction schedule with fully indexed web based communications. Think about how much of the travel costs could be eliminated and passed to your bottom line if half to the trips by your consultants became unnecessary. And how much faster would your invoices be funded if the entities funding the projected could check the invoices against the photographs from their desks? In a world where time is money, and liquidated damages can run up to $10,000 per day or more, ConstructionPhotoDocs.com pays for itself many times over.

Q: Who takes the pictures?
A: Our qualified and trained construction photographers know precisely what and where to shoot every time out to the job site.

Q: How often are photos taken?
A: Generally speaking, progressions are taken every 7 to 10 days and milestones shots are taken prior to being covered (i.e. concrete pours, drywall, back-filling, waterproofing, etc.). We work closely with owners and contractors to coordinate the photo documentation with the project schedule. We also try to coordinate the photo documentation with the funding schedule (or “bill through” dates) so they can be of most benefit to lenders or inspectors who need to evaluate and approve your funding request. In doing so, it is often possible to shave a few days off the funding process.

Q: How many photos do you take?
A: The quantity of photos taken depends on the size of the job. We will typically take several hundred photos each time we are on site recording key shots. Many times you will not need the level of detail we provide. But in the case that you ever do need that one key shot we will have it and you will be able to find it in seconds! This shot can be the key to making the difference in a very expensive dispute you may be involved in.

Q: Where are the pictures stored?
A: We store all photos on secured servers. We also have back-ups on external hard drives.

Q: How do I get access?
A: As a client of ours, you’ll be given a username and password specific to your project. You can log in 24/7 to see the progressions of your property.

Q: Will everyone get to see the pictures?
A: If you chose to share your username and password with other stakeholders then you are free to do so. We can also grant you administrative access that will give you the ability to selectively show certain photos to some shareholders and not others. For example, if you are a homebuilder and want your buyers to see only the exterior shots of their new home being erected then you can do that. Your contractor and architect may need full access which allows them to see the full interior and exterior progressions.

Q: Is the site secure?
A: Absolutely! When you are granted access to view your project you are viewing it on secured pages.



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