Are you leaving with money on the table and your customer at risk?

When Andrew Weissman made the leap to open his own construction management services firm, he was concerned. As VP of construction services for a large equity investment company, he knew the risks his clients faced on every project. His specialty was, after all, Risk Management. As his projects spread across as many as six states, the task of staying on top of projects was daunting. No matter what the issue -- environmental, subcontractor disputes, correction notices, urgent request for information, or the dreaded change order -- having the information organized, accessible, and available when needed was critical. Andrew knew the best way to troubleshoot was to avoid trouble in the first place.

How do you do that?
No matter which of Andrew's construction services his clients contracted, he wanted to give them something in addition. A solid tool for protection. A tool more powerful than insurance. A service his clients would find essential - and continue to purchase for all their upcoming projects.

Save your customers money. Big money.
That's what happened when the team of Andrew Weissman and Scott Yahraus developed It's complete package of project-critical documentation and progression photos offer solid protection. And have saved clients tens of thousands of dollars. Now developers, contractors, investors and insurance professionals recognize it as a valuable and necessary risk-management tool. Your customers will want it, too.

Become a hero and grow your business at the same time. is offering a unique Key Opportunity to experienced professionals who would like to build their current or new business. Professionals who know the value of protecting clients. Professionals who know how profitable an add-on service can be.

Why the Key Opportunity is the better way to go.
You will license the right to exclusive proprietary software - with secure web access to your photo document system 24/7. You are not encumbered by preset rules, territories or pricing. That means you can seamlessly integrate the service into your existing business. Or build a solid income from your own photo documentation company. There's no territory fees or monthly royalty fees. You only pay us while using our back end storage and maintenance services for your current projects. Now you'll have bidding advantages to assure relationships who return...project after project after project. It's genuinely your business.

We support you all the way.
We give you access to professionally developed marketing materials, forms and contracts. You'll feel confident with our thorough and friendly on-going training. No matter how small or large or complex the project, we're here to answer your questions and support you all the way.

Your potential is unlimited.
You are not bound to a small territory. And with construction litigation costs rising and the growing need to keep expenses down while expediting RFI response, your new service is a safety net developers, contractors, insurers and investors must have.

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